Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Each moment as it passes

Be in this moment; here, now. That is all that is really real. It is precious, it is beautiful and it is fading away as you become aware of it. This exact moment is all that counts. Awareness of this moment can inform your pleasure.

That is not to say that plans don't matter. That is not to say that our experience, seen clearly and in the proper size and importance, can't inform the present. But the future and the past are not now.

It take so much work to clear that past so that we can mine the real truth that we can use as a choice in this moment. It takes a lot of energy to make a plan and preparation for the upcoming days and weeks. We do this so we have a direction; but the outcome is surely not assured. We can (ineffectively) use more energy in resisting what the future brings when it varies from our concept and we grip to our ideal.

Play. Play with what comes, play with the new you, play in this moment and be awake. Be awake to the beauty of the unknown, unplanned, unattached present. This will become history soon enough.
It is the radical transience of the world that makes it both tragic and beautiful, like the cherry blossom in Japanese aesthetics. The tragedy is that nothing actually exists; it is all passing away the instant it forms. The beauty is that we have the means to be aware of this, a moment to know the profound poignancy of this tiny corner of reality.
—Andrew Olendzki, "This Moment Is Unique"
​- be well​

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